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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions To Ask A Wedding DJ

Questions for Entertainment Professionals: The following is a list of Frequently Asked Questions that you should ask any DJ you are considering to hire. You will find our reply to these questions. If your question is not among them, just email us and we will be happy to answer your questions.

Do you offer detailed promotional material that you can send me?

We have detailed material available for all our prospective clients. Our material includes information about our rates and services. Our material for our clients include: suggestions for songs to be played for the formality dances, what the attendants duties are, a budget worksheet, and much, much more. We have not seen any other DJ company in this area that provides you with as much information, all of which is right here on this site or provided in the online planner.

What type of playback medium do you use?

We strictly use digital media (MP3s).

Do you offer a song list to choose requests from & does your music database include the most recent hits?

We have full music library database online to choose all those special songs you want for your event. As an added bonus, your guests also have access to our library to make suggestions if you wish to have their input. You get to approve or deny those requests.

Will you acquire a song if it does not appear in your database?

We will use every resource available to us to acquire any song for you that we currently do not have in our music library database. If we cannot get the song and you have it, we would be more than happy to play your CD.

Do you offer the use of a wireless hand held microphone?

We offer the use of a wireless hand held microphone for toasts. We also offer a wired hand held microphone for use as a backup. A wired microphone as a backup is a must. For example, we once found out that our wireless hand held microphone was on the same frequency as the neighboring church. The reverend was about to perform mass as the best man was about to give a toast. We could be heard in the church, and had to switch to a wired microphone immediately.

Would you allow me to observe at least one live performance?

Yes. However, we only do this with the permission of the client we are performing for. Some bride and groom couples have no problem with a potential client stopping in for a bit during the evening while others will not allow it. We cannot guarantee you will be able to view a live performance. Should you view a live performance, we recommend coming about two hours or later after the reception starts. This is simply so you do not walk in during the dinner hour. Note that seeing a DJ in a bar or club is not the same as a wedding reception. Also, note that we tailor each event to the client's needs. You may see something that you do not like at the reception. Keep in mind the client might have specifically requested it for their night.

Do you offer a choice as to how the DJ will be attired? (Tuxedo, suit, dress casual, etc.)

We will wear whatever you would like us to wear (within limits). If you request the DJ to be in a tux, he will be in a tux. If you request a suit or dress casual, we will do that as well. We will even try to dress appropriately if it is a theme wedding, such as Halloween, 70's, or 80's. We will try our best to accommodate you without charging extra.

Do you require a deposit fee/retainer fee? How much is it?

We require a deposit/retainer fee of $150.00 to book your date. Any company charging over $150 we consider excessive. Simply put, they are trying to get more money out of you in the event of a cancellation. $50.00 is another common amount charged, but we feel these are companies with fewer bookings and less experience. Anything less than $50.00 is most likely being charged by a company that is desperate for the event and therefore is not worth hiring in the first place.

What is your cancellation policy?

Our standard policy states that if you cancel prior to 120 days of the event, the deposit will be forfeited, but applied to a new date. If the event is cancelled 90 - 120 days prior to the event, the deposit is forfeited and will not be applied to a new date, and the client will be responsible for 50% of the contract price. If the event is cancelled 90 days or less from the event, the deposit is forfeited, and the client will be responsible for payment in full of the contract price. Our system is based on the average potential of filling that date with another client if one should cancel. Cancellations must be in writing.

Do you offer a contractual agreement?

We require a signed contract stating the terms of the event, the location, the times to be played, the amount of the contract, and other important details. We will not perform at any event without a written contract.

Do you include a face-to-face meeting in your fee?

We offer at least one face-to-face consultation a week or two prior to your event. This in-home consultation is offered as part of our packaged rates. However, we will meet as often as necessary to work out any details of your event. It is our belief that there is a greater chance of miscommunication by only having telephone or e-mail consultations. This could result in your event not going as planned. A face-to-face meeting gives us a chance to not only hear you but see your expressions as well. This gives us the best precise communication to make your event a success by maybe offering slight variations or ideas.

Do you include MCing in your fee?

Emceeing all the necessary announcements, introductions of the wedding party, the special dances, etc. are all included in our packaged rates.

Do you include travel time and setup / teardown of equipment in your fee?

We travel for free within a 50 mile radius (100 miles round trip) of Peoria, IL. We charge an additional fee per mile beyond the 50 mile radius. For example, a reception 60 miles from our home office would only be a 20 mile round-trip charge . Watch for companies charging $25, $30, & $40 travel fees for somewhere fairly close to their office. Our setup / tear down fees are included in our packaged rates as well.

Do you include lighting in your fee? If yes, what type of lighting do you offer?

We state what each of our packaged rates include in our material. All of our packages include dance lighting. We do not offer uplighting at this time.

Do you allow a time cushion should the event not commence as scheduled? Example: If guests arrive early, will the DJ start playing immediately? If the guests arrive late, will the DJ wait until they arrive?

The musical setup is the first thing we do upon arrival. We usually can start up to 30 minutes early, although all lighting may not be set up. We will also delay starting by 30 minutes if needed. Note that we reserve the right to end the event 30 minutes prior to the contracted time if we commence 30 minutes early. We also have the right to end at the contracted time if a delay was caused by no fault of our own. In most cases we will stay that extra 30 minutes that was delayed at no charge if the facility will allow it.

Is the DJ willing to accommodate overtime if we wish to extend the event beyond the scheduled time?

Yes, we will accommodate overtime if we have no other prior obligations. Overtime must be paid in cash at the time of the event. Be sure to know whether or not the reception facility will allow overtime as well.

Do you offer a contingency plan in case the originally scheduled DJ becomes unavailable to service our event?

We have additional employees who know how to setup all equipment and perform at the reception should the DJ fall ill or have an emergency. However, this does not cover an auto accident with the vehicle transporting the equipment.

Do you offer a money back guarantee? What does it cover if anything?

Our money back guarantee covers all terms stated in the contract terms of agreement. Specific performance obligations are not guaranteed. Please ask if you have any questions about our policy.

What are your ceremony/reception rates?

An important question but it should be the last one. Prices really say little. Yes, it is wonderful to have a cheap DJ if you have a tight budget, but that might be all you get. There are what we refer to as "bottom feeders" out there so please careful! A good DJ service is probably somewhere in the middle of all the DJ Services. We stand at almost 50% higher than some DJs and 50% lower than others. We know we are well worth it without breaking your bank account. Please keep one thing in mind with our rates. A 6 hour package is more like a 25 - 30 hour package from us. We spend several hours behind the scenes with paper work, preparing equipment, consultations, securing your special songs, pre-visit to the reception site, etc. In all reality a $650 package for 6 hours is not $108.00 an hour, with us it is more like $21.00 - $26.00 per hour.

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